The collaboration between The "Institute of Fine Italian Wines - Premium Brands" and AzzeroCO2

The annual Italian wine production is around 56 million Hectoliters, with an average of 1.620 kg equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2e) issued every 0.75 liter bottle. The wine national market produces 120,960,000 tons of CO2e per year.
With the support of AzzeroCO2, the "Institute of Fine Italian Wines” will bring all its promotional activities to the status of “zero-emission”, becoming a leader in Italy to promote the values of environmental sustainability in the wine industry.
Within this sustainability project, a five hectares forest of cork oaks was planted in Sardinia. Four thousand cork trees, in fact, will offset about 250 tons of CO2 in 10 years (equal to 300 households’ annual natural gas consumption) and also will reduce the carbon footprint of one year of activities of the "Institute of Fine Italian Wines to zero.
The collaboration between the Institute and AzzeroCO2, in the next years, aims to:

  • Analyze the environmental impact of the winery members who have not yet had the opportunity to measure their impact

  • Create proposals to reduce emissions from the production of one or more product lines

  • Strengthen the brand value of individual wineries in Italy and abroad

  • Confirm the market leadership of wineries that choose quality and environmental integrity of their productions.

This collaboration, therefore, express the need of Italian companies to plan a business strategy focused on social responsibility.
This need is considered so much important by the international wine community, that the “Office International de la vigne et du vin” (Oiv) recognized the carbon footprint analysis as “the primary ethical attitude of wineries in order to increase the environmental awareness of their customers ".
"We want to return to nature all great things it did for us – said the President of Institute of Fine Italian Wines, Piero Antinori - the link between cork and wine is fundamental and, despite all attempts of imitation, it remains the most important element for a high quality bottle of wine.
"I would like to emphasize the exceptional nature of this project – noticed Giuseppe Gamba, AzzeroCO2 chairman – the first one in Sardinia and in the wine sector. With the planting of a mixed forest of cork oaks, in fact, we will achieve the double objective of offsetting CO2 emissions and protecting the region's biodiversity.
The project undertaken will lead to an unique approach to corporate social responsibility, through the ability to profitably manage business risk, the optimization of production processes, the attention to the welfare of employees, the respect of environment and taking care of the relationship with the territory.

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