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The history of Masi Agricola is the history of a family and of its vineyards around Verona, in the Venetian region. The name derives from “Vaio dei Masi”, the little valley acquired in the late 18th century by the Boscaini family which retains ownership to this day. The company has grown step by step through successive, and very careful, purchases in the best viticultural areas of the Veneto. Among the vineyards which Masi manages is the most historic estate in Valpolicella, which has belonged to the noble Serego Alighieri family, descendants of the poet Dante, since 1353.

Masi has also developed new projects in Argentina, in collaboration with Serego Alighieri, in Tuscany and in Rovereto (Trento) in collaboration with the historic Conti Bossi Fedrigotti company. For a long time, the Masi Technical Group (a team of experts in viticulture, oenology and marketing) has been involved in ongoing research with the goal of restoring the viticultural and oenological heritage of Venetian premium wines. Masi produces exclusively premium Venetian wines from native grape varieties, combining traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology.

The result is that each single wine has a unique personality, even though it clearly maintains the style of the region. As a leading producer of Amarone, Masi is worldwide recognized for its expertise in the technique of Appassimento (drying of the grapes), developed over many years in order to produce its 5 cru Amarones and some of its modern Supervenetian wines, like Campofiorin and Masianco. Modern, pleasant, well-balanced and recognizable wines which have earned Masi recognition for having “revolutionized the art of wine- making in the Venetian region”, wines which lead Hugh Johnson to define Masi as “a touchstone for Verona wines”.


La Foresteria Serego Alighieri

Its history dates back to the XIV century when Dante Alighieri, exiled from Florence for political reasons, was hosted in the Verona lands by the Della Scala family. Dante’s son, Pietro, decided to remain there and in 1353 purchesed the villa and its grounds, which, after 20 generations, are still property of the family: counts Serego Alighieri.

Thanks to accurate renovation works on part of the old house of the Villa Serego Alighieri we have now 8 apartments available for 2, 3 and 4 persons. They have all been decorated in an elegant country style and are composed by a large living room with corner kitchen, comfortable bedrooms with private bathroom, television, telephone, safe and air-conditioning. Moreover we can offer 2 events rooms covered by wireless network, suitable for meetings, working lunches or wine tastings and 1 professional kitchen for any kind of training course.

Next to the cellar, there is a wine shop open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. with all Serego Alighieri and Masi products, who cooperates with the noble family for over 30 years.

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