Pio Cesare

Being traditional means for us continuing to produce our wines remaining loyal to our Family style, year after year, harvest after harvest


Pio Cesare

The winery was founded in 1881 by Pio Cesare (Pio as a family name and Cesare as a first name) in the old historical center of the city of Alba, the capital of the Langhe region. Pio Cesare was one of the first at that time to believe in the great potential of the lands on the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco for the production of great wines with scrupulous respect for quality.

Today the winery is leaded by the 4th generation, Pio Boffa, and his daughter, Federica Rosy, and his nephew, Cesare, represent the 5th generation of the Family and the future of Pio Cesare.

Since 1881, Pio Cesare is located in Alba and the cellars are built on the ancient Roman walls of the city of Alba Pompeia. Built at the end of the 1700s, the Pio Cesare cellars are built on 4 different levels and they are delimited and surrounded by the ancient Roman walls of the city of Alba, which date back to 50 B.C.

Today the Family owns more than 70 hectares of premium vineyards, featuring high-quality hillside exposures intentionally located in multiple different communes of the Barolo and Barbaresco appellations.

Pio Cesare
Via Cesare Balbo, 6
12051 Alba (CN)
tel. (+39) 0173.44.03.86
fax (+39) 0173.36.36.80