Cantine Giorgio Lungarotti

Lungarotti, a company that lives and interprets its land with a deliberately Umbrian identity. One of Italy’s female-powered companies, headed by sisters Chiara Lungarotti and Teresa Severini, while the exquisitely cultural aspect, the Lungarotti Foundation, is represented by their mother Maria Grazia Marchetti. A brand that symbolizes Umbria, the company is renowned for the quality of its wines produced from vineyard to bottle using eco-friendly cultivation systems and profound attention to energetic and environmental awareness.

There are two wineries, one in Torgiano and one in Montefalco, in the heart of the region’s two DOCG growing areas. In addition to these, the Lungarotti family has created parallel activities that are unique in their genre and interact in synergy with wine in the bond of wine-culture-hospitality, the three key words of the company. Lungarotti is synonymous with culture: its two museums, one of Wine and one of Olive Oil are dedicated to the two products par excellence of Mediterranean culture and are supported by the activities of the Lungarotti Foundation. The company is also synonymous with wellness and hospitality, thanks to Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa, a five-star hotel of refined elegance in the village of Torgiano, with a Spa specialized in Vinotherapy, as well as Poggio alle Vigne Agriturismo: two different ways to interpret hospitality but both united by a love for beauty.
In a world that stresses the importance of creating a system, Lungarotti is exemplary, a proud personification of Italian Lifestyle.