January 23, 2012

Argiolas on Genius Loci, the archive of Italian generativity.

author: Argiolas

Our history has been chosen to appear in an archive of  significant and inspiring examples in order to establish a new development concept.


Genius Loci – The Archive of Italian Generativity, is a research initiative based on the conviction that there is a vital Italian reality which can set an example providing new development solutions. Genius Loci collects these examples on its website, documenting their experiences for others to learn from. It intends to set a new development concept for Italy, loyal to Italy’s uniqueness, which is born of its sense of locality, family, small business and creativity.

The selected cases show several aspects of the country through a net of references to locality, skills and knowledge, histories, ideals.

Among these examples today on Genius Loci website we find Argiolas and its history, work and principles.These are presented in an article, a long video interview with Franco and Valentina Argiolas and in several close-ups. It is both an honor and a responsibility to be chosen among the examples to start from for a new development. A spur to work even better, with a confirmation that the path we have chosen leads to positive results which are far beyond the mere success of an enterprise.