March 20, 2012

Welcome Merì!

author: Argiolas


Merì in the Sardinian tongue means “afternoon” – that moment in time when you willingly accept a glass of white to while away the time up to supper. Merì is the name of choice for Argiolas’ new Vermentino di Sardegna, born from early harvesting and painstaking research: early harvesting gives it very special scents and flavours, and lower alcohol content. But this choice poses a difficult problem: the grapes must be gathered in full summer, when the heat risks having a negative effect on those very evanescent components giving greater richness and complexity to the bouquet.

This is why Argiolas for Merì has perfected a method to cool the grapes as soon as they are harvested in the vineyard, and keep them cool until their arrival in the winery. An exclusive system, ensuring delicate handling of the grapes, and which, by the way, means lesser use of sulphites in processing.

Thanks to these choices, Merì has a bouquet rich in floral, fruity notes, lower alcohol content and fewer sulphites. A Vermentino coolly born, which maintains intact the scent of summer in Sardinia.