Poggio Alle Vigne

A glance at the surroundings quickly explains the name of Poggio alle Vigne: vineyards and olive groves alternate in stately and orderly rows. A short white gravel road descends towards the left with olive trees on one side and a pergola on the other, arriving at a 17th-century farmhouse surrounded by a thick hedge of scented rosemary

A lovely lawn shaded by large umbrella pines, olive trees, oleanders and sumptuous oak trees surrounds the house which has the authentic aura of its early days. Looking out over the natural terrace, the eye is almost lost in the vineyards before looking up again and finding the church-towers of Perugia.

When the slope of Il Poggio meets the wide plain running toward Torgiano, you will find Il Pometo, a separate farmhouse immersed in the San Rocco vineyards and surrounded by a lovely and unique orchard. All around are heirloom apple trees, like the ones that used to border the country roads, recovered as part of a programme to preserve the environmental heritage.

Next to the orchard is the pool, protected on one side by perfectly alligned vineyards. Il Pometo provides the pleasure of communal living that once characterized the countryside, in surroundings that offer elegant furnishings and attention to detail. All this is in the heart of the Torgiano vineyards.